Yealink T46S – User Guide

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Home | adding What you need to know: MENU Getting Started 1. Main Functions 2. Placing and Receiving Calls 3. Hold 4. Call Transfer 5. Three-Way Conference Call 6. Do Not Disturb 7. Call Forwarding 8. Call Park and Retrieve 9. Adding Contacts to Directory 10. Voicemail Setup 11. Voicemail Access 12. Call History 13. Bluetooth Connectivity Introduction The following … Read More

ProConnect UC-One Desktop – Managing Contacts and Contact Groups

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Home | adding MENU Getting Started 1. Adding Contacts 2. Subscribing/Unsubscribing to/from a Contact 3. Creating a Contact Group 4. Editing a Contact’s Profile 5. Setting a Contact as a Favorite 6. Removing a Contact Introduction This guide will take you through the steps for managing contacts and creating contact groups through the following topics. 1. Adding Contacts Your contact … Read More

Managing Contacts

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Home | adding What you need to know: The Receptionist Console is a web-based tool that runs in a separate browser. It’s supported by Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. It combines your telephone handset with a desktop interface that makes it easy for you to direct calls to staff, wherever they are. MENU 1. Dynamic Monitoring of Contacts 2. … Read More