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What you need to know:

Learn the basics of using your Poly Trio 8500 phone.


The following topics will help you with common questions related to using your Polycom Trio 8500 phone.


Trio Hardware

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The Touchscreen

The Touchscreen enables you to select items and navigate menus on the touch-sensitive screen. You can navigate the system by tapping on any of the displayed icons.

From the Home screen, you can Place a Call or Redial a previous number, view your Contacts, Recent Calls, enable DND, link multiple Bluetooth devices and access your Settings.

  1. To see a list of available settings and options, tap the Settings key.
  2. From here, tap the Basic option to view common features to configure such as your preferences, backlight intensity, backlight timeout, ring-tone, and restart your phone.



You can access the following screen on the Polycom Trio 8500:

  • Home Screen - this screen displays the icons you use to access features and settings commonly used.
  • Calls Screen - this screen will show you all active and held calls that have come through your line. This screen is shown when you are on an active call
  • Place a Call Screen - this screen gives you access to the dial pad, recent calls, contacts, and the calendar.
  1. To access the home screen, tap the Home button.
  2. To access the place a call screen, tap the Place a Call key on the main display.


Placing Calls

  1. To place a call, tap on the Place a Call icon.
  2. Enter the contact’s phone number on the keypad.
  3. Then tap on the green Dial key.

To place a call via your Contacts or Recent Call list:

  1. Tap on Contacts or Recent calls from the Home screen.
  2. Then tap on the desired Contact. The call will automatically take place.


Placing Calls via Bluetooth

When a Polycom Trio system is paired and connected to a mobile phone or tablet enabled by Bluetooth, you can call your device and use the system as a call speaker.

  1. From your device, go into your Bluetooth settings and connect it to the Trio.
  2. Then, place a call to any contact from your device.
  3. When prompted, select the RealPresence Trio 8800 as your audio source. You will now be able to use the RealPresence Trio 8800 as a speaker.


Answering Calls

You can choose to answer the call in different ways when you receive an incoming call on Polycom Trio.

  1. To answer a call, tap the Answer icon.

To answer an incoming call when you’re already on an active call:

  1. Tap on the Answer key on your screen. Your first call will automatically be placed on hold.
  2. To retrieve your first call, tap on the caller and tap on the Resume icon.


Placing Calls on Hold and Resuming Calls from Hold

  1. To put an active call on hold, tap the Hold key. The call screen will display the call is On Hold.
  2. To resume the call, tap on the “Resume” key.

If you have more than one call on hold, select the call you wish to reconnect with and tap the Resume key.


    Initiating Conference Calls

    To initiate a Conference Call while on an active call:

      1. Tap on the “Add” icon, this will automatically place the first call on hold.
      2. Enter the second contact’s phone number. The contact is added to the conference after they answer the initial call.

    To join two calls into a Conference Call:

    1. You can join an active call and a call on hold by selecting both numbers and tapping the Merge Calls.


    Performing a Blind Transfer

    A Blind or Unattended transfer takes place when you transfer a call to someone else without announcing the call first. To conduct a blind transfer while your default transfer type is set to blind:

    1. While on an active call, tap the Transfer icon. Enter the destination number to transfer the call to. The call will transfer automatically.


    Performing a Consulted Transfer

    A Consulted or announced transfer is performed when you announce the call to the recipient prior to transferring the call. To conduct a consulted transfer while your default transfer is set to consult:

    1. While on an active call, select Consult key; the caller is automatically placed on hold. Then enter the destination number to transfer the call. Once the party answers, announce the call. Then tap the Complete Transfer key to complete the transfer.


    Adjusting the Speaker and Ringer Volume

    To change the speaker volume during an active call, tap the volume up or volume down buttons next to the Touchscreen.

    To change the ringer volume, when the phone is in the idle state, tap on the volume up or volume down buttons.